• Website of car brand “Niva-chevrolet”
  • Website of car brand “Niva-chevrolet”
  • Website of car brand “Niva-chevrolet”
  • Website of car brand “Niva-chevrolet” is a website developed on the platform Magento.
The site provides information about the brand Chevrolet Niva in Ukraine.
The website demonstrates lineup of sale service and financial services.
At there is detailed description of each vehicle model, presented at the Ukrainian market, and all related services that are provided by the official distributor of Chevrolet Niva.
The admin has the ability to add and edit information, without restrictions on the number of pages.
Thanks to the placement on the site FAQs and answers to them there being an active dialogue with customers. The site has an intuitive design.
The controlled banner on the home page can be put in the slides in a certain order, and to specify where should lead the transition to each slide, and set the time the slide.

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