• Brand Website «Morris Garages»
  • Brand Website «Morris Garages»
  • Brand Website «Morris Garages» website is developed on the platform Magento.
The main goals of the website are: to demonstrate the model line, sale service, sale financial services and sale car pieces. At there is detailed description of each vehicle represented by this company in the Ukraine market, and also all related services that are provided by authorized dealers “MG”.
You will always have the opportunity to learn about updates of the brand “MG” on the website section “News and Events”.
The site also implemented with an interactive map which can help you to select the object you are interested in, service, car pieces shop or auto center. Thanks to the filters on the region map, the city and the type of object, you can quickly find all the information you need. website is located in multistore Magento , >, it is managed from one admin together with all sites GK AIS, according to the distinction on access rights. This approach saves time for the site administrator, if it is necessary update the information on all the sites of the GK AIS. You can add and edit information from the admin, without restrictions on the number of pages.
We also can add to all advantages of the site mentioned above that it has a modern design.
The controlled banner on the home page can be put in the slides in a certain order, and to specify where should lead the transition to each slide, and set the time the slide.

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