• Network of online stores “Mymarket”
  • Network of online stores “Mymarket”

Mymarket is a network of online stores made on the platform Magento.
Every site featured with individual range of products.
The structure of all sites is approximately the same: for the convenience of the customer’s choice, the site contains catalog. Each category has its own set of filters that will help the user to choose the desired product, for example filters for brand and price range of the goods.
Thanks to the placement on the site FAQs and answers to them there being an active dialogue with customers.
Websites «Mymarket» are located in the multistore Magento, only one admin manages the entire network of sites:,,,,, .ua,, taking into account the distinction between rights of access. This approach saves time for the site administrator, if necessary, update information on all sites. The admin has the ability to add and edit information, without restrictions on the number of pages.
In the item card, the user can read the characteristics and description of the product, see additional types of product, place your order.
The site has an intuitive modern design.

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