• Halabuda – the magical world of childhood
  • Halabuda – the magical world of childhood
  • Halabuda – the magical world of childhood

halabuda.ua is an online store for children’s products, developed on the platform Magento.

For the convenience of the customer’s choice, who wants to select the desired item, the site has various filters that can help you choose a product by category: child development, children’s transport, special offers, and others. The website for the convenience has filters for the price, country of manufacturer, brand products, age of the child.

The site has also a module “Bestseller”, which is controlled from the administrative panel. The “Bestseller” section displays an image of the goods, for which there are discounts in store, a percentage of the discount, the price before and during the promotion, and also it specifies the time of the discounts.

The site has the ability to view other users’ comments and their evaluation of the product.

The site has an on-line support through which the user can always contact the operator and to clarify all questions regarding the product, payment, delivery, etc. Thanks to the placement on the site FAQs and answers to them there being an active dialogue with customers.

To add to all above mentioned advantages of the site, it has an intuitive modern design.

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