• Brand “FAW” website
  • Brand “FAW” website
  • Brand “FAW” website
  • Brand “FAW” website

faw.com.ua website is developed on the platform Magento.

The site provides information about the company «FAW» in Ukraine.

The main goal of the website is to demonstrate lineup of sale services, financial services, and of car pieces sales.

On faw.com.ua there is detailed description of each vehicle represented by this company in the Ukraine market, and also all related services that are provided by authorized dealers «FAW».

In addition to creating product as separate model of car, the administrative panel has the same ability to create several complete sets of models with different characteristics.

The site integrated with CRM system. CRM-system is the most common software product for optimizing business processes. The question of integrating existing CRM-system with external web-resources relevant to any company engaged in attracting customers through the Internet.

We also can add to all advantages of the site mentioned above that it has a modern design.

The controlled banner on the home page can be put in the slides in a certain order, and to specify where should lead the transition to each slide, and set the time the slide.

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