• Assorted – Bureau of happy gifts
  • Assorted – Bureau of happy gifts
  • Assorted – Bureau of happy gifts is an online store for original gifts, developed on the platform of Magento.
For the convenience of the customer’s choice, the site contains catalog format: news, catalog, gift packaging, gift sets. For each section there is a submenu of the second level of nesting, for some sections there is also a menu of the third level of nesting. Among the products presented on the website is, there is the ability to sort by color and by purpose (for loved ones, for my birthday, etc.). Thanks to Magento products can apply to multiple categories, so the user can select the product by color or by purpose.
When the customer order online by using shopping cart (a certain amount of products), he or she receives an e-mail coupon code that allows to get a discount for the next order.
The site has an intuitive modern design.
Thanks to the placement on the site FAQs and answers to them there being an active dialogue with customers. For more detailed information the customer can use the feedback form.
The admin has the ability to add and edit information, without restrictions on the number of pages.

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