• AIS Market – trade company GC AIS
  • AIS Market – trade company GC AIS website is developed on the platform платформе Magento.
AIS Market is a trade Enterprise Group AIS specializing in buying and selling used cars. provides customers with a quick, profitable and comfortable selling and buying used cars.
Using forms of communication, which is on the website, the client can contact the consultants or get an estimate of your car. Thanks to the feedback form and posted on the website FAQs and answers to them, this is being an active dialogue with customers.
For the convenience of the customer’s choice, who wants to buy a car, the site has a variety of filters with which you can choose: the make and model of car, type of gearbox, engine size, fuel type, body type and many others. There are filters for the price and release date cars.
The site displayed the best deals with the categories: best price, lowest mileage, the lowest age, good offers. All announcements in these categories are selected from a database automatically.
The site integrated with CRM system. CRM-system is the most common software product for optimizing business processes. The question of integrating existing CRM-system with external web-resources relevant to any company engaged in attracting customers through the Internet.
We also can add to all advantages of the site mentioned above that it has a modern design.

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