Flexible and friendly engine – WordPress

  • Posted on 05.02.2013,
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It’s no secret that the majority of modern websites created using CMS (content management system), the common people, “engines”. That is not surprising, because the CMS can significantly save money and reduce the time of creating the site.
One of the most flexible and friendly engines is WordPress.
Currently, created thousands of WordPress themes and plugins, the most successful and useful translated into Russian.
WordPress is constantly improving by team of enthusiasts. New versions are released several times a year.

Basic features of WordPress
• The powerful blogging platform with support for tags, categories, comments, NC, RSS, and site search. From the control panel, you can enable comments Gravatar, configure the number of comments displayed on one page, and other;
• The ability to create static pages, such as “about site”, “feedback” and so on;
• Powerful WYSIWYG text editor;
• In the latest versions of WordPress appeared online photo editor, supports the “trim”, “reflect”, “rotate” and “zoom”. Not Photoshop, of course, but the thing is sometimes very useful;
• WordPress supports automatic updates of both the engine and installed plugins. One mouse click and the engine alone will download the available updates. Searching and installing both plugins and templates are also made through the control panel.

WordPress itself is perfect for creating blogs and blog-like sites, such as the news portal. However, the functionality of the engine can be significantly extanded by using plugins. With the extension of WordPress you can do really almost everything – from the photo gallery to an online store.
Currently at the top of the best sites of the year on various themes in the first position are site made on the WordPress, and often new, creative and famous studios works are realized on the basis of this particular CMS.

What caused this trust to WordPress? ?
Support and development
WordPress popularity is largely due to the constant development of both the CMS and additional modules for it. Every day appear new plug-ins that allow you to implement almost all necessary for modern functional site . CMS and plugins continuously updated, improving existing features and add new features. Also, if there are some problems and questions you can always refer to the WordPress Codex, which describes the features and capabilities of the system core, or you can ask a question to the support forum, and they will respond quickly and easy.

Stability and reliability
With continuous updates and support sites mabe on WordPress differ by stable operation in all conditions, and any possible conflicts and problems are easily solved. Thanks to grand community of users and developers, the WordPress system was tested and checked many times.

It is easy and convenient to change and add notes, categories, pages, menu items, and other components of the site in WordPress. The administrative part of interface is the most friendly to consumers, simple and convenient. You can also easily customize the layout of managment items, the most convenient for you, just moving them within the page.
This list is only a small part of the advantages of WordPress, but even from here it becomes clear why this system is becoming more popular every day.
We can safely say that for most of the projects selection WordPress is the most rational and correct decision and the success possibility of the site will be considerably higher than with other systems.
Our experts can develop as a complete WordPress site, whatever you need and extend the functionality of existing or add needed sections on WordPress site to another CMS, such as blog, gallery, news, and so on.